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Keenan Johnston
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Keenan Johnston Marching and militant harsh industrial backed by layers of heavy guitars and dominating live percussion. Raving dictator vocals bark out orders as the conflict comes to a head near the middle of the album. By the sixth track we are left standing alone among the scattered corpses on the battlefield, wondering, "was it all worth it?". Favorite track: Bloodthirst.
Edward Haddon
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Edward Haddon One of the true heavy bands you will ever survive. Pounding industrial and dense sound. Go on, test yourself! Favorite track: Fateless.
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New album from Chris Peterson (Delerium, Front Line Assembly) and friends: hard industrial fused with metal. Acclaimed as one of the hardest and most intense groups in the industrial genre, DECREE returns after a 7-year hiatus to present their third album: FATELESS. Frontman Chris Peterson, known for his work with Delerium and Front Line Assembly, pulls no punches in creating a veritable wall of sound, mercilessly pushing sonic boundaries. The album features nine tracks, including the stand-out title track, the pounding Bloodthirst, and the outstanding Faded Glory. Here is a band that never compromises and although they've managed only three albums in the last 15 years, the results are superb.


released May 3, 2011

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Decree Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Finite Years
Dead praying
hopeless joyless fears
Fools crying
eyeless lifeless tears
Time ticking
endless pointless years
Man's calling
shameless heartless fierce

Fire of Vengeance
Faith of the Cause
Greed of the Holy
Kiss of the Cross

Chalice of Justice
Faith of the Mob
Armies are Marching
The Armies of God

Blood flowing
severed pouring veins
Flames growing
searing scorching flames
Seas boiling
cities drown in waves
Life ending
finite final days
Track Name: Fateless
Burn away
all faces
all fears
all feelings
all tears

Burn away
all cities
all sides
all races
all lives
Track Name: The Prey
A blurred solemn figure
in the fall of the rain
A far injured creature
pulling taut to a chain

A never ending voice
cries out
in ever ceasing pain

Ancient beasts
the wolves are culling
Aged sickly feeble falling

Alone in the streetlights
a shadow passes your way
A moan as you fear life
is falling further away

An ever wailing voice
cries out
in never ending hate

Ancient eyes
the teeth are bearing
Toying taunting
victims tearing

Ancient beasts
the wolves are culling
Aged sickly feeble falling

The death of the victims
The animal craves
The slaughter of innocents
In a frenzy of rage

An ever reaching voice
cries out
Rising from the grave

Ancient lives
The wolves are calling
Razing reaping victims falling

It feels no suffering
It feels no remorse
The blind and the weakest
Feel the hand at the throat

It bathes in misery
It feels no disgrace
It deals with it's enemies
With a knife to the face
Track Name: The World Enslaves
The World enslaves
The Word
enslaves our souls

Violence divides us
Violence cleaves our souls
The animal reminds us
The animals teeth unfurl

The eyes behind us
The eyes see fears untold
They'll out survive us
Survive creatures of old

Fires provide us
Provide complete control
Wires confine us
Wires pierce barbed holes

Walls surround us
Walls crumb down low
Lies define us
Lies of fears unfold
Track Name: Bloodthirst
I breathe
the scent
of sorrow

I see
in night
and shadow

I sense
the fear
of all souls

I taste
the flesh
a bloodthirst

I hear
the angel's
trumpet call

I see
the stars

I pass
a final

I shed
a final
tear for all

Knife to knife
Bone to tooth
Life kills life
Corpse by corpse

Blood spills blood
War wills war
Lies burn lies
Flame by flame

I hear
the angel's
Trumpet call

I see
the stars

I shed
a final
tear for all

I sense
the fear
of all souls

I taste
the flesh
a bloodthirst
Track Name: Night and Fog
A dark voice laments
over the stormy sea of sadness
A lonely boat goes down
under the silent stars of night

A dark trumpet calls
through the trees of shadows
Beneath a solemn moon
a tattered banner streams with blood

The dying warrior retreats
into the far away wasteland
Across a broken path
of shattered bones

All the shed blood gathers
in the red clouds of Apocalypse
All the eyeless victims
shrouded by night and fog
Track Name: Arrogance
From the Righteous
Comes the Word
Spilling lifeblood
Upon the Sword

A grave in the breeze
Ashen hair
As smoke you rise up
Rise into air

The World defeated
Souls starved and cheated
The words repeated
- only Lies

Like slaves berated
Cast out and hated
We all stand fated
- silent lives

Words keep repeating
All life is fleeting
On this final meeting
- stand God and Death

The stars are falling
The horsemen's calling
The reaper's sewing
- your final breath

The storm abated
Flesh desecrated
The victor sated
- his lust for death

The call of mourning
As a final warning
From a people moaning
- made blind and deaf
Track Name: Faded Glory
Faded Glory
Born too late
Ancient story
Of war and fate

Falling in line
Blindly led
Marching in time
Rising dead

Trial by fire
Fuelled by hate
Burning judgements
Leave no trace

Blood moon rising
In empty space
Bodies piling
Endless waste

Call of Angels
Cries above
Call of glory
Cloaked in blood

Careless Fearless Hopeless Tearless
Mindless Heinous Violent Realist